Songs for the Grand Reopening


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Live recordings from the Aubuchon ACE Hardware Grand Reopening weekend in Montpelier, Vermont after the store was rebuilt following the devastating flood in July of 2023.

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World Tour

Aubuchon ACE Hardware

 —  —

Aubuchon ACE Hardware, 40 Main St., Montpelier, VT

Will be adding live music to the festivities as the ACE Hardware cooperative celebrates its 100th anniversary & one of its newer members, Aubuchon's of Montpelier, joins the nationwide "Biggest Block Party" event as ACE-affiliated locations across America simultaneously celebrate the occasion.



There's a lotta kindza fun. Sipping hot coffee in the quiet stillness of a chilly, pre-dawn winter morn. Racing a muscle car down a dirt road under a mid-summer full moon. Sitting by a lamp enthralled all evening by a gripping adventure novel as a moth flies repeatedly to the light. Knocking back beers & shots with buddies in the local pool hall...

It's the same in music. You got yer fast music & yer slow music, loud, quiet, metal, acoustic, catchy & verbose... Some music shakes yer booty & some music shakes you to the core of whatever you're about. Some of it does all the above.

At this point, my preferred mode of fun tends more toward the adventure novel by lamplight than the car racing by moonlight. But you never know where the journey is gonna take you.

Montpelier's Times Argus published a feature chronicling some of my adventure, while Burlington's Seven Days did a brief review of my recent album Telling Secrets in case you wanna follow along in the press.

To book a gig or just say hi, shoot me a message through the Contact form below or email I look forward to hearing from you...


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